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How to install wireless reverse camera || backup camera installation guideline 2020 updated ||

If your car has a small rear window or you drive a large vehicle then while reversing or parking you may find it quite difficult to see everything behind your car or vehicle. This is not a small issue, and you need to be extra careful in such situations.You should install wireless reverse camera.

If you’re careless, then there’s a high chance that you damage your car or someone else car while reversing or parking. You may even end up being in an accident and might hurt some standing behind your car or vehicle. These cases are quite common in driveways and tight parking spaces.

However, by installing a high quality and efficient wireless reversing camera, you can easily solve these issues and can parking or reverse your vehicle much easily and safely.

More of the modern cars built to standards come with the best wireless backup cameras fitted at the rear of the car. The reverse cameras are strategically placed to show the drivers an image at the back of the car making parking into smaller spaces easier. The cameras also can be used to indicate or show any obstruction at the back of the car not visible on the side mirrors. Aftermarket reversing camera kits are now available for those cars that went out to the market without these cameras. The guide below is set to help you the available best backup cameras and how to install the wireless reverse camera on your car.

How to install wireless reverse camera:

The rear wireless kit comes with supporting tools they include the wireless camera. A transmitter system that picks signals from the camera, a receiver system that is placed next to the monitor, vehicle power adapters that are important in powering the whole system, adapter cables and a monitor that is used to display images from the rear of your car.

  1. To start with first your need to unscrew all the bolts from your number plate to loosen it
  2. Second, after successfully removing the number plate fastens the camera thorough camera mount holes so that it is perfectly attached at the back of your car. Take care not to destroy the connection cable you can use the relief cut outs if necessary.
  3. After fastening the rear camera on the plate pass the connection cables into the interior, rear lighting system of the car the number plate light system is the most convenient location.
  4. Next, remove the wiring cable of the rear license then connect the power and video cables of the transmitter system to the corresponding cables of the wireless camera. Take care not to interchange the positive and negative wires as it may lead to severe injuries.
  5. The excess wiring should be taken care of use scotch locks to avoid manual splicing of the wires. Then place the rear lights into place.
  6. For an effective transmission of signals, the transmitter should be strategically placed to avoid obstruction of signal transmission. You should ensure that your connections are done perfectly to avoid any potential short that can destroy the whole system.
  7. Coming to the monitor, source your power from places such as the cigarette lighters and accessory outlets once your monitor is powered on connecting the receiver through a USB port of a Quick Slide T-Tap connector.
  8. Use a power tester to locate any leakage this help prevent battery drainage once you are not using the rear wireless camera.
  9. All the functions of the camera should be tested once you have completed the installation this includes a test on the camera viewing range and the effectiveness of the location of the camera. This should be done in the accessories power mode.
  10. Most cameras come with a user’s installation guide it is advisable that you check on the guide first before installing the camera The wireless reverse cameras are available in all sizes and shapes to meet your personal choices and preferences. It is for you to choose your preferred model but your choice should provide a clear coverage and view at the back of the car.

Lastly, Reversing wireless cameras are an excellent choice for safety because you can easily view the area behind your car. In case there’s any person, kid or obstruction behind your car then with the help of reversing camera you’ll be able to see everything. Learning how to install wireless reverse camera is thus paramount for those whose are not fitted with these systems.

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