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How to install a backup camera on a truck || Installing guideline updated 2020

There are 10 simple steps of installing backup camera for truck:

The screws that hold the license plate are removed first. The camera unit is then fixed on top of the license plate using the same screws.

b) Routing of the cables of the camera

Since the camera is slightly big, we need to route the cables carefully so that it may not obstruct some information on the license plate.

3.Best backup camera for truck

The market has several products for the best backup camera for truck. We focus on about four best backup camera for truck in terms of their warranty period and special features.


It is made up of a backup kit which consists of a wireless camera, a monitor which is colored, a system that is easy to install and measures about 4.3” and a camera to be mounted on the license plate. No warranty is offered.

Made up of the camera kit for the back, a monitor (7.0 inches), a system that is easy to install, a license plate for mounting the camera, video game monitor or a DVD. No warranty is offered.

Made up of a camera kit that is resistant to shock and weather, LCD monitor which is 7”, a multiplexer that provides for adding more cameras, illuminating infra-red night vision, the system automatically switches off and a microphone. There is no warranty.

Made up of the camera backup which is quite easy during installation. There is the provision of night vision and it is waterproof. The camera can easily be installed over the license plate. It also has the LCD monitor which is 4.3”. The key advantage of this backup camera for truck is that it shows live pictures when you are at the back of the truck. It is most useful where there are blind spots.

In conclusion, as the vehicle owner, do not hesitate to buy a backup camera truck because of the benefits we have enumerated above. While cost is important, the best backup camera for truck has different features which may push the cost up. And finally, warranty is important and ask for the Installation guide for backup camera on a truck.

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