Best Backup Camera with night vision 2020

Driving is fun. When you know how to drive, you are the king of the road. You can go anywhere you want. Just start your car and brrrrrm…Hey, wait! Before starting on the road, you have to ensure your safeness. The most dangerous part of your the driving is at nighttime. You have to be extra cautious. With the best backup camera with night vision, you will be safe and sound. This camera the also helps to park your car in reverse just viewing on the monitor. Every car must use this camera to get the safe drive. In the market, you will get many cameras which have a smart design. But you have to focus on performance not look. So, to make it easy, here I have picked top 5 backup cameras which are best in the feature. So hop in and drive through the article.


Pyle Car Backup Camera
4.0 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :5.8 x 11 x 3.5 inches
Weight :2.94 pounds
Esky RV Backup Camera
4.2 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :5.1 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches
Weight :7.2 ounces
Camecho Car Backup Camera:
3.7 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :11.8 x 3.9 x 5.9 inches
Weight :2.3 pounds
Auto-Vox Cam 6 Backup Camera
4.2 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :8.7 x 1.4 x 1.1 inches
Weight :10.4 ounces
XO Vision Backup Camera
3.4 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :1.5 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
Weight :5.6 ounces

Why should you trust us?

I loved car from childhood. As I grow up, I was working with cars and the parts to improve the driving day by day. Among all extra parts, I loved the backup camera. With this camera, you can enjoy safe drive in night, rainy and foggy day. I have installed the camera in my car, and yes, I feel safe when I drive.

So you can guess why you can trust my words all about the backup camera review. In this review, all the words came with personal experience and observation.  I have tested every camera in the market. So I have all the information about every camera for the car. In my site, I keep the cameras, which I like the best. After all, it is all about the safety of my customers. With every product, you will get honest reviews of my valuable customers. You can also buy from the site, as my transaction process is clean and transparent. If you don’t like the camera after purchase, don’t worry I have the return policy. You can exchange with other products. I can give you 100% authentic product with trust.

How did we pick?

A backup camera is the best safety feature for any car. To pick up the best one you have to know about the best features that will give your drive a safe drive.

Here are some factors to choose when you are in the picking process:

  • View:

The view power of the camera is important. If you can’t view what is going on your back while reversing, then it is no use to install the camera. Look for the best sensor type, size in camera.

  • Monitor type:

You may find CRT monitors with some cameras. But these monitors are old and has less image quality. Pick LCD monitor that provides HD quality image. The best screen size for your car is 7”-10”.

  • Camera type:

There are three different type of cameras. One of the cameras can be mount on any surface. This position helps to give the excellent view. This camera is best for the large truck. The other camera can be placed in the car body. You can see the lens only in the car, so no worries to get any awkward look. You can get the perfect view of the back. And the other camera is placing the camera on the license plate; this is best for installing the camera entirely.

  • Image Sensors:

There are two types of sensors, CCD and CMOS. Among the sensors, CCD sensor is the best one because it gives the better quality image. CMOS is cheap but doesn’t give the best image. So it is better to use CCD.

  • Night Vision:

Cameras with LED light is perfect for night vision. You can drive safely with best backup camera with night vision.

  • Wireless vs. Wired:

The wireless camera is the better option than wired. Because the wire thing sometimes gets complicated.

  • Mirror Image :

Make sure to pick the camera with mirror image ability. Or else you will not be able to locate the things behind your car back.

  • Automatic power system:

When you are reversing, your car at night it is must have lights on. The camera with LED light, which gets on automatically, is the better option.

  • Motorized Power Supply:

Install the car with the powerful power system. It will help your system to get long life.

  • Weather resistant devices:

This point is important. Because even it is raining, you have to be on the road. So make sure the cameras you have installed is weather resistant.

 How we tested:

Before installing the backup camera in your car, we test every product as they meet the requirements.

  • Do the cameras work at night? During the night, it is important to have the clear vision. Because you never know what is in the dark.
  • Is the camera waterproof? The camera has to work in water. While you are driving in the rainy day, your camera has to give you proper service.
  • Good for your car? It is not necessary that every camera will be perfect for your vehicle. Pick the good camera that is perfect for you car and power.
  • Able to give the clear image? Test the picture quality of the camera you want to install. Because if you don’t have the clear picture of the road, then you are not safe. Pick the camera that gives high in the quality image.
  • When you are ready to park, make sure the camera helps to calculate the distance line while parking. Or else it will be difficult to park.

At a glance of the wireless backup camera with night vision:

Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Screen Monitor System is the must have the system for all car. It ensures you a safe ride even in the dark.

If you want easy installation backup camera for your car, then Esky Rear View Backup Camera is for you.

For wireless lovers, Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera is the better option. Works well in any weather.

AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera gives you HD quality image when you are driving in the dark night. You will not face any problem.

XO Vision HTC35 Rear View Backup Camera is great rear view camera for driving in night and weather.

2018’s best night vision backup camera reviews:

#1. Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Screen Monitor System:

If you own a new model car than you have to install this Pyle Backup Car Camera Rear View Screen Monitor System. This system has all the new technology and features that turn your car into the super car. In this system, you will get a big size monitor, waterproof camera, remote and many devices. These devices are helpful and perfect for a car and the driver. You will get the safe feature like night vision and drive safe in fog with the help of this system. The monitor of this system is 7” LCD monitor, the camera with a durable and rugged body. This camera is water and fog resistant. With this camera, you can drive safely at night.


  • Rough and tough backup camera with rear view option. The camera is wired, and the rotate angle is adjustable.
  • The monitor is 7” widescreen and has jacks to connect with the camera.
  • The monitor and backup camera is mountable. The rear camera can be placed in license plate to have a closer look.
  • The camera is powerful in a night and foggy day. Also in wet season, there is no chance of getting ruined for water proof feature. The camera can be operated with a wireless remote.
  • With the distance scale line display, you can figure out the place and line to park the car.


  • The camera can be easily controlled with wireless remote control.
  • The monitor will give you the clear picture even in the night.
  • Easy installation.
  • Excellent contrast and resolution.


The cable is not long enough.

#2. Esky Rear View Backup Camera:

If you want cute but tough backup camera for your car, then Esky Rear View Backup Camera is perfect. This camera is waterproof and helps to give a better look in a night. It is very easy to install, and you can place it in any place.  All you have to place the camera, adjust the lens and connect the wire and yes your camera is ready.


  • Compact design with an elegant surface, stylish and stainless made a camera.
  • Professional outdoor waterproof car camera with rear view. It is easy to operate and install.
  • The CMOS Color is Hi-definition and has a clear image.
  • TV system is NTSC, and the visible range is 170 degree.
  • Useful camera for dark place


  • Perfect size.
  • Great waterproof camera.
  • Fits in every place.
  • High in quality.


The rotate feature is not perfect.

#3. Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera:

If you don’t like wires, then you can use the wireless Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Backup Camera. This backup camera has 7” color LCD monitor where you can see what is going on your back. The monitor can switch the picture in any position you want. The camera has automatic light, which helps to give great vision in the nighttime. You can drive safely in the foggy night. The camera is mud and waterproof. Also works well for a rainy day. The camera works well with wireless. You just have to install the transmitter and receiver.


  • The camera can be operated in LCD monitor, and the system is wireless.
  • You can operate the system with remote control.
  • The system has the wireless receiver and transmitter.
  • When you are reversing your car, the monitor will turn on and help you in it.
  • The camera is rear view and works well in a rainy season.


  • Awesome camera for driving.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • You will get the clear and beautiful picture.
  • Has automatic turn on the option.
  • Easy to install.


Sometimes the wireless option gets crashed.

#4. AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera:

If you are the new driver, it is obvious you face problem while reversing car. Install AUTO-VOX Cam 6 Rear Reverse Backup Camera in your car, and you will be expert in driving in no time. This camera will help you to park safely by seeing the obstacles. The image quality is HD and colorful. The better place to install the camera is the license plate. You can easily install it.


  • This camera is perfect for any vehicle.
  • The installment of the camera is easy and quick.
  • Best camera in best price.
  • Works well in the rain, fog. Waterproof and fog proof.


  • User-friendly features.
  • Has multiple mounting options.
  • Gives great picture.
  • You can install the camera in any car.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • The image quality is clear and colorful.


Sometimes it gets ruined in excess water.

#5. XO Vision HTC35 Rear View Backup Camera:

XO Vision HTC35 Rear View Backup Camera is the awesome product for your car. This camera helps to give the clear view that helps you to drive safely. It is perfect in size to fit in any place you want. No chance of getting ruined as it is water and weather proof. The visual angle is wide. In a night, you will get the clear view when you try to reverse in any dark place. The LED light helps you in that.


  • The backup camera is universal.
  • Perfect for night vision.
  • Easy to install.
  • Weather and waterproof.
  • Has wide visual angle.


  • Provides good resolution.
  • Helps to park safely with distance line.
  • Waterproof and sturdy.
  • Easy installation.


The camera material is not strong enough.

For drivers, it is important to be skilled. But not always skill works in every place. You have to take help from some devices. Among them, a backup camera is the useful one. With this camera, you can get a clear view in back and night. So you have to own the best backup camera with night visions for your car. It is common accident happens when you are reversing car and hit someone. This camera works as the life saver. Even you are in the night this camera will work like your eyes. So it is important to install a backup camera for your car. After installing the camera, drive safely mate.

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