Best Backup Camera Car Reviews 2020

Best Backup Camera for Car, amazing idea right? Now don’t think that it is for taking selfie or picture of your surroundings. Actually, the backup camera is for you to help to park by letting you see the back of your car in your rear view. A very helpful invention of the new technology. It is a common accident by cars by bumping into the light post or a bin or babies. So every car has to install the camera to keep safe and be safe. Besides that, it is important to learn drive properly. If you are not the skilled driver then your driving will not be proper and safe. Try to learn driving from an expert. As there are many options to choose. I will help you by introducing you to the top 5 best backup camera car. All of them are great in work and guide. Just before getting one for you, go through this honest the review and pick the best one for your car.

Comparison Table Of 5 Best Backup Camera Car

Esky Car Backup Camera
4.2 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :5.3 x 3.3 x 2.2 inches
Weight :6.4 ounces
Chetoo Car Backup Camera
4.1 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :10.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Weight :11.2 ounces
Amotus Backup Camera
3.5 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :11 x 1 x 3 inches
Weight :6.4 ounces
Esky Car Backup Camera
4.2 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :5.1 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches
Weight :7.2 ounces
Auto-Vox Backup Camera
4.2 out of 5 stars
Dimensions :11.1 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches
Weight :1.8 pounds

Why should you trust us?

As a car lover, I try to add every new device to give my car a good and safe look. After facing some incident, I was looking for a solution to help the drivers to reverse their car safely. After a lot of searches, I found this awesome device with new technology. I am grateful them who made this happen. The backup camera is necessary to have devised for every car owner. This camera not only gives you a safe journey but will also help you to boost the confidence when you are reversing the car.

I used each and every camera in my car. Then I decided to share my personal experience and sell the camera those who need it. So you can trust me and take your required backup camera for your car.
I have change policy on my site. If you want to change your car camera, you can exchange or purchase the camera you want. You can also return the camera and take back cash.
The information of my valuable customers is totally safe with me. You can share your review on my site.

How we picked best car backup camera?

It is quite tough to pick the best backup camera for your car, as all of them are good in design and performance. To make it easy we focused on some important features. Like:

  • Design:

Make sure the design of this camera is perfect for your car. Because if the camera is not proper in size than it will be difficult to fit the camera in the car. So design is important.

  • Image quality:

With the camera, you have to see the image clearly or else you cannot see the back of your car properly. So make sure to pick the camera that provides HD image quality.

  • Power system:

Some camera works with batteries and some with power supply. The best option is a power supply. By this, your camera will stay and work for long. Look for the camera that has a long wire to connect your car power device.

  • Weatherproof:

To adjust with weather is a very important task for the camera. If the camera doesn’t work in rain or heat than your driving will not be safe. Make sure to choose the perfect camera with weatherproof ability. You cannot just sit in a home when it is raining or hot. You have to go out and drive. So pick the best camera for your car.

  • Durable:

It is important to select the long lasting product for your car. Because car stays outside all day and night long. So the parts of the car have to be durable and strong. The camera has to be long lasting, as it will give performance all day long.

  • Night vision:

The backup camera has to be perfect for a night. Because when it is the night it is difficult to drive. So if you get a camera for your car make sure it has night vision option.

  • Camera angle:

The angle of the camera has to be adjustable and flexible. If the angle is not properly set than your rear view will not give you proper support.

  • Monitor:

Select the monitor that gives you clear and color image. You will get some backup camera with attached monitor. I prefer that. You don’t need to buy another monitor.

  • Mirror image:

Camera with mirror image is must have a feature of every car camera. With it, you will get to know what is happening your car back.

  • Wire system:

Take the camera with a long wire that will help you to fit the camera in the place you want. And also test that the wire is compatible with your power drive system.

  • Size:

Size really matters. If the camera is too big or too small, you will have a problem with placing it. So select the perfect camera size for your car.

  • Material:

The material of the camera has to be strong and durable. But don’t select heavy material for your car.

How we tested?

After picking the best backup camera car, it is essential to test it whether it is perfect or not.

  • Is the camera perfect in size? It is important to know the size is perfect for your car or not. Sometimes the camera is so small that the place you want to mount is not perfect and sometimes the big one gives your car a funny look. So test the size before picking.
  • Is it perfect to give you guide in a night? The camera is not only for helping in reversing your car, it also helps you to show the way in the night. So make sure the camera you are picking, helps you to show the way in the night.
  • Image quality clear or not? this part is very important. When you are backing your car, it is important to the get clear view of your back. If the image quality is not clear then you may bump on the lamppost or on someone. So make sure to test the image quality before picking the camera for your car.

At a glance of our best backup camera for car:

Esky EC170-06 Car Rear View Backup Camera is well known for its unique design and powerful performance. You will get a proper guide when you drive.
To use a camera on the both side, Chetoo CCD Car Backup View Camera is the great one. You will enjoy your drive with this camera in your car.
Amotus Car Rear View Backup Reverse Camera is for rough drivers who don’t care about a road. This extra wide angle camera is helpful for this kind of drivers.
Though the Esky EC170-08 Car Rear View Backup Camera is not night vision camera, you will get the clear image when you are driving on the night road.

#1. Esky EC170-06 Car Rear View Backup Camera:

For innovative and powerful design, Esky EC170-06 Car Rear View Backup Camera is a popular backup camera for the car. The camera is very helpful to guide a driver. It is very easy to install and use. You can adjust the lens and camera angle per your requirement. You have to connect the camera to your power system. The TV system of this camera is NTSC. The camera is mini in size but powerful in performance.


  • Easy installation and helps to operate easily.
  • The rear view camera is waterproof and professional in design.
  • Viewing angle of this camera is 170 degree and perfect for the blind spot.
  • If your car has the bad rear view, this camera will solve the problem.
  • Long lasting and reliable camera.


  • Provides clear image.
  • Easy to install.
  • The size is cute and standard in design.
  • The material of the camera is durable and strong.


  • The installation guide is not clear.

#2. Chetoo CCD Car Backup View Camera:

Chetoo CCD Car Backup View Camera is the camera that can be used on both sides of your car. If you want to use the camera as the front camera then you can use it or if you want to use it as a back camera, it will be also easy. the So this camera is perfect for any car. The image sensor of this camera is CCD and the image is high in quality. The NTSC TV system helps to give a clear image. The lens angle of this camera is 170 degree. You can install the camera just behind the license plate easily.


  • This camera has 12 LED lights that give 100% brightness with excellent performance in dark place.
  • User-friendly camera with the easy installation process.
  • The waterproof power is 100%.
  • The wire of the cable is long enough to get support from cars power system.
  • Works in any monitor.
  • The view angle is wide and 170 degrees.


  • Gives a clear view.
  • Awesome product with an excellent feature.
  • The lights are bright and perfect for any low light environment.
  • Sleek in design but sturdy in a feature.


  • Sometimes the image is not seen clearly in the monitor.

#3. Amotus Car Rear View Backup Reverse Camera:

If you are reckless driver and love to race in open field, then Amotus Car Rear View Backup Reverse Camera is for you. With the camera, you can drive back and here there without no care. You will get high in quality camera with the helpful guide. This camera is powerful and adjustable to any angle. You can drive in dark easily and safely. You can place the camera any place you want, like the window, license plate or anywhere you want.


  • The camera has extra view angle 120 – 170 degree. With this angle, you can drive anyway with no worries.
  • While reversing the car, the reverse system starts working automatically.
  • The image is high in quality and colorful. You will then get a clear image of your car back.
  • To get clear night vision there is 7 LED light. The lights give you a clear vision during nighttime.
  • The waterproof design is superbly powerful. It is overprotective in heavy rainfall.
  • Perfect for every car.


  • The LED light is super bright and gives an awesome quality view.
  • No problem to install.
  • High in quality.


  • Sadly, the image is not colorful.

#4. Esky EC170-08 Car Rear View Backup Camera:

If you want a unique product with high quality, then Esky EC170-08 Car Rear View Backup Camera is a perfect camera for your car. You will the get a different powerful backup camera for your car. You can easily install the camera behind the license plate. You don’t have to make a hole to install the camera. Just unscrew the license plate and place the camera. The imaging system is CMOS. And the TV system is NTSC. The camera design is small but standard in design. The size is perfect for any place of your car.


  • The camera comes with the polished body with strong design. The material is stainless steel and very stylish to look at.
  • The body of the camera is waterproof and sturdy.
  • Easy to install in any place you want.
  • Provides HD color and clean image. The system is CMOS.
  • TV system is NTSC.
  • The view range is 170 degree.
  • Any rear view effect gets solve with this cameras rear view.
  • Works perfectly in dark place.


  • Perfect size to fit in any place.
  • Compatible with any car.
  • High in quality camera with the clear image.
  • Your driving skill will get better with this camera.


  • Not a night vision camera.

Best backup camera car is now getting an important place in every car. Driving is fun but it gets dangerous when you are not driving properly. Driving needs the skilled person and a guide. Nowadays backup camera works perfectly as the guide for every driver. So when you own a car, make sure to install the backup camera car.

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