Backup Camera Installation Cost 2020 updated

Any expert drive knows that it is best to be safe than sorry when driving. Driving especially in reverse gears has been known to cause many accidents due to the unavoidable ‘blind spots’ one may face. It is not enough to rely on intuition or the dashboard, center console or rear view mirror. There are so many spots that one cannot see clearly using these mirrors. One may require an extra tool that indicates exactly where they are headed.This is the main role of the back up camera.Backup Camera Installation Cost is not so high so that every single vehicle can easily install best backup camera.

1) How to does A back up Camera work?

A back up camera is a rearview camera that projects a clear, real-time image of what is behind one’s vehicle. It is quite essential in creating visibility and avoiding accidents caused by blind spots. A back up camera system has a camera and a monitor. Some systems do not come with this monitor and one may have to purchase it as well. A proper camera should have effective image resolution and a reasonable field of vision. It should be able to work in all types of weather including rain and also work at night.One may opt to purchase a monitor with black and white display but it may not be as effective as one with a color display.

2) Types of Backup Camera Systems

Camera systems can be wired or wireless. Wired systems include wires that run from the camera to the monitor while in wireless systems, the image captured by the camera is transmitted through radio waves to the monitor. Most wireless systems will however require connection to the camera since cameras derive their power and control from the car reverse lights.Wireless systems are susceptible to radio interference and vary widely depending on distance.

3) How to Install a Backup Camera System

After purchasing the components of a back up camera system one is required to mount the camera on the rear of the vehicle. Next, one has to mount the monitor which may include fitting electrical wires from the camera to the reverse light, and in some systems, the wires run from the camera to the monitor.Wireless systems require the installation of a transmitter in the rear of the vehicle. It should be well secured and have proper fitting of wires to the camera. Some systems do not require this transmitter. According to the outlined description of installation, most back up camera users opt to have the installation done for them by an expert.

4) Cost of a Backup Camera System

Backup cameras have gained popularity in the current world of motor vehicle users as a necessary safety feature. Some motor vehicle manufacturers include it in base price of their vehicles as part of the construction.They often include this feature together with the navigation system package or as an offer for a trim upgrade. In this case, the buyer can opt to pay for an upgrade followed by the back up camera installation. Many easy-to-use backup camera systems currently retail from about $100. Most buyers choose to hire an engineer to install the camera while some can look up a step by step installation video online.Some manufacturers may charge about $600 for a fully installed backup camera system. In case this seems a bit pricey, the buyer can opt to be a wireless system at about $300 with a simplified installation guide. The installation may involve mounting the camera on the car license plate, mounting the receiver and monitor on the dashboard with a fastener or adhesive tape, and finally plugging the receiver into the auxiliary power outlet.

However, it is important to consult a technician for installation of wired systems to avoid personal damage to your vehicle. Installation of a 3.5-inch monitor and back up camera may cost up to $400. One can also opt to replace their old rearview mirror with one that has a connected video screen at about $800. For a car that already has a screen, the technician may opt to integrate a new backup camera onto this video monitor at a cost of about $1000. The last installation method entails installing of a monitor on a vehicle that has a standard radio. The installation process takes about two hours and on average the installation of a video monitor and back up camera would cost between $500 and $2000, depending on the type of system, image quality and other technological features as discussed in this article.

A Backup Camera System is not only an essential rearview safety tool but the only way of avoiding personal or public injury while driving. It ensures safe and confident driving for beginners and experts and is the ultimate solution to driving through what would otherwise be considered a blind-zone.
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