AUTO-VOX Wireless Backup Cameras Review 2020

As a car owner or car lover, you have such a better experience about the vehicles backup your known best backup camera for a car or truck or any other vehicle is an auto-vox wireless backup camera.Every car must have a rear view backup camera for safety.As a conscious person when you are with your car seat you must take seat belt, you know this is mandatory.For your own safety or your family, you also need RV backup camera.From all of the backup camera’s Auto-vox wireless backup camera is easiest to install and these are the best backup camera kit available on Amazon for the price.And Today I will discuss and review the auto-vox wireless backup camera.

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Features and Specifications

  • Wireless Design and Easy Installation:
    It is super easy to setup, you don’t need to drill any holes or destroy any panel of your car.You simply screen over your existing one, screw on the camera onto your license plate, and then tap into brake lights with includes taps.
  • Amazing Rear-View Camera:
    The camera view is very strong and clear while backing up both during day and night.So easily can see everything that happened behind the car. LED lights turn on or off according to environment light intensity.The camera is IP68 rated, so it is water-proof and can easily handle rain, road dust even car washes also.
  • Wireless Transmitter with IP 67 waterproof:
    This has small and smart transmitter and long cables.Suitable for cars, vans, camping cars, trucks even RVs. The signal is pretty stable with 100m. You can easily use any other wireless devices because this has no any interference. Can be easier hidden behind the license plate.
  • Monitor:
    The mirror is of very qualified and has a large viewing range. The mirror thickness to make sure it can easily match the vehicle. Auto-adjusting brightness 4.3″ LCD monitor display, no issues like dazzling or glaring.
  • Extra care of Monitor:
    With Auto-vox transmitter, don’t need to charge separately from the battery. Receiver is in the mirror, can automatically switch to the rear image when in reverse. It makes parking pleasable even in the tight spot because it has 170-degree wide angle image quality.



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Customer Reviews and Scores:

The auto-vox wireless backup camera is one of the best selling back-up cameras in the can get all kind of facilities you need an ideal backup camera.

This part is most important. It helps you to take a final decision. I found 252 customer reviews while I writing this article. Auto vox wireless backup camera gets 4.3 out of 5 stars from its physical users who already installed this wireless backup camera in their car.From my point of view, I found very most of the customer’s reviews are positive.
For any kinds of products, you can’t get 100%. Sometimes it depends on the weather for clear images.

One of customer said, “Nice backup camera to have on any vintage vehicles, the first-class factor approximately this digicam is it is wireless so fewer hassles just want to attach the digicam with the backlight and the reflect wire want to be plugged to the electricity socket, easy setup.Clear commands are available within the product description with which it is straightforward to connect.The LCD screen on the mirror is so clear with STOP instruction when the object is near. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for.”

Another One said, “I searched both Amazon and eBay for the perfect wireless camera kit and decided on this one. I made the right choice. It arrived on time and was simple to install. A Great Value. You won’t be disappointed.”

One of the customers said, “Love love love this. Totally amazing easy installation, wide view 15 mins and I was ready to go. Would purchase again worth the money”

All of the Customer Reviews help me to suggest this Auto-vox wireless backup camera for your search term which is best wireless backup camera. best wireless backup camera RV, wireless backup license plate, best buy backup camera whatever it is.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Question:
    Does this also serve as a rear-view mirror as well as a backup camera monitor? In other words, can you see        what the kiddos are doing in the backseat?
    Yes. It’s an ordinary mirror. As soon as the camera is turned on, the image appears in the mirror.
  2. Question:
    Trying to hard-wire the mirror in…what is the wiring diagram for the power line? yellow (?), white (?), black (-), red (+)
    Hello. 1)you can cut off the cable of the car charger and connect it to the fuse box directly.
    2)Red(+12V), black(-12V), and it is no need to connect the yellow and white cable.
  3. Question:
    Is the transmitter waterproof?
    yes it is IP 67 waterproof.

In Conclusion:

The Auto-vox wireless backup camera reviews help you to know about this best wireless backup camera. I hope you enjoyed this review. Now buy this cam and ensure your safe journey.
Happy Shopping.


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